How Blockchain will revamp the Healthcare?

Blockchain: Overview




The demand to bring revolutionary and evolutionary changes has always been an underlying ripple in every aspect of business and in the field of healthcare; this is done with a sense of inimitable urgency. The Blockchain is no longer new term for anyone, approx everyone heard about it. According to the latest survey, it will disrupt the healthcare industry. It was originally created to track Bitcoin transactions and share information of transactions across interested parties. The healthcare industry is set to become the next major filed to be disrupted by the emergence of blockchain technologies.

What is Blockchain technology?

The Blockchain is a term which refers to a distributed database existing on multiple computers at the same time. It is very powerful and can successfully improve the quality of patient care at a reasonable rate. It can remove all the challenges and hindrances that come with authentication at multiple levels. It is built on distributed architecture and gives access to chronologically arrange relevant data for recording and storing transaction records. The technology works on the “append only” open ledger where the nodes within the network are authenticated and all the transactions that happen within this network will be added to the ledger.

Blockchain technology works on three major principles: –

  • Private Key Cryptography

A secure digital identity reference is created, but transactions are open on the network.

  • Distributed ledgers

Copies of the ledgers are always maintained and the changes made in the ledgers are reflected within seconds.

  • Authentication

Before the ledgers are added to the chain, each new transaction is authenticated. This is done by running the algorithms to evaluate and verify all the proposed transactions. The information would be encrypted, digitally signed and stored, thereby sealing its authenticity.

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How Blockchain influence healthcare industries?

SISGAIN figure 5 changes that Blockchain will do in healthcare industries that are given below: –

  • Better Patient data Exchange



Doctors or healthcare providers can store patient’s records in secure ledgers which are available to the patients via blockchain private key. The patients can access and share their cryptographically secure reports with other medical organizations; enabling them to provide better solutions based on medical history.

  • Seamless Billing and Payments Tracking



With the help of blockchain-based applications and solutions, all the tests, reports, billing and payments can be tracked in real-time. As a result, there will be lesser risk of fraudulent cases; boosting trust between patients and medical professionals. This technology can also help patients understand the agreements and payments clearly and stay away from threats.

  • Wrapping up

It shows promising future to the healthcare industry with secure data exchange, trackable billing and payments and much more. It is prompting the healthcare organizations, tech innovators and all the related entities to understand the inside out of the technology and employ it for streamlining their processes.

  • Effective medical search

Having this technology will help the healthcare centers store their collected data and records into a nationwide distributed ledger. This information can be made accessible to other doctors through a blockchain private key.

  • Higher security

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One of the best ways to deal with the security issues is Blockchain technology. According to the top-reputed companies, all the data are stored in connected blocks. For accessing or updating any particular block, one has to get approval from nearly half of the connected blocks, which means enhanced secured and lesser risk of malicious activities.

  • Secure drug supply

It is also making an effective involvement in the supply chain management industry. From developing drug to delivering it to patients, blockchain can integrate the supply chain process and lower down the risk of fraud through smart contracts, transfer of assets and distributed ledger.


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