Telehealth Apps for Hospitals

Telehealth: Introduction

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Telehealth is a collection of methods for enhancing healthcare, public health and health education delivery. Basically, it is defined as the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration.

Telehealth support and promotes healthcare from a distance, connecting patients with healthcare providers and the resources they need to control their own health.

Telehealth Applications: Explanation


Telehealth Applications ate the solutions which allow specialists to review patient finding at convenient times without depending on the presence of the patient. It provide live patient to provider encounters. With the help of telehealth applications, educational services can be provided through a telehealth network. It also allows video-conferencing meetings while eliminating employee travel expenses.

Advantages of telehealth apps for hospitals

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  • It allows citizens for remote and underserved communities to receive instant medical assistance by connecting virtually with doctors.
  • It saves doctor’s time and provides an additional revenue source and convenience for certified physicians.
  • It allows for significant cost saving due to flexible subscription or payment options.
  • It helps reduce patients’ wait time at doctor’s office etc.

SISGAIN: Best Telehealth Applications Development Company for hospitals.

SISGAIN offers custom telehealth applications development, UX design and QA & testing services for the hospitals looking to enhance their current presence. Our business goal is to build meaningful and highly secure applications that are able to change people’s life for the better. At SISGAIN, we are dedicated to sensitive data integrity and protection. We deliver hospital applications in a way that will not entail increased risks related to compliance HIPAA regulations and other industry standards. We bring in 11 years of experience in telehealth app development to deliver application software that simplifies examination and treatment for surgeons, physicians and nurses.

We create time-saving medical applications built around individual and tasks. SISGAIN facilitate telehealth application to integrate back-end systems that allow them access information, data and knowledge without the limits of time and place. We offer a cost-effective range of telehealth application development and solutions for a variety of requirements such as drug reference and interaction, diseases-symptom check, fitness monitoring, homecare tips, hospital locating, treatment education and guiding so on. We create feature rich Telehealth application software which aids patients to associate with specialists, doctors, pros and healthcare suppliers via video calling, voice calling and text messaging.

We are focused to convey superb telehealth applications which will assist patients and also healthcare providers to achieve their health-related goals. We consider protection and security seriously. Our experts ensure smooth integration between the telehelath application and your internal infrastructure including EHR/EMR, RIS (Radiology information system), LIS (Laboratory information system), RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), scheduling and other solutions you may be using.

Benefits of getting our telehealth applications

Our custom application software offers you following benefits: –

  • User-friendly UI/UX design




As telehealth application developers, we create elaborated UX patterns. Thanks to a comprehensive interface and smooth navigation, your employees will perform the needed tasks without going through multiple screens, which is exhausting and time-consuming.

  • Security assurance


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We understand the importance of data protection in telehealth application development. We make sure that only authorized personnel access clinical information within the scope of their authority.

  • Integration with multiple internal systems


SISGAIN responsive web


To bring additional value to our hospital, we make the application a gateway to other solutions in your infrastructure, including EHR, practice management, scheduling, revenue cycle management and other systems.

  • Task-oriented approach


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To deliver easy-to-use application, we pay a special attention to every app’s purpose. Having in the mind of requirements of every particular department, we create customized solutions to help your staff fulfill assignments more efficiently.

Why choose us as your Telehealth service providing partner?
  • We have more than 11 years of experience in providing Telehealth software service.
  • We are pleased with a team of expert developers who develop cutting-edge solutions.
  • We provide you the best-in-class and pocket-friendly application software.
  • Our Telehealth solution will support you to compete with global leaders.
Hire us!!

Get amazed by our cost-effective, user-friendly Telehealth software. If you want to achieve huge customer range then hire us. You just have to follow this LINK to contact us for any queries.


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