How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Healthcare Mobile App


In the present time, mobile apps continue to be the elementary drivers of the businesses. From startups to Fortune 500, from customer-facing (B2C) to business-facing (B2B), almost every business model is involving mobile app in their technology roadmap. Due to this rapid development, our lives become so robotic, monotonous and hectic. We all now totally depend on the mobile app. Millions of people rely on their mobile devices to help them simplify their daily life. By developing a medical mobile application to help monitor their health conditions and nutrition levels, we can provide more people with access to even the most basic levels of healthcare.

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Apart from that are you considering building a healthcare mobile app? If yes, then it is a big question that how much does it cost? But there is not a specific cost range you can clearly identify about the cost of developing healthcare mobile app. The cost to develop a mobile application depends on lots of factors – including but not limited to – the platform to target, the features you want, design, any additional infrastructure and finally the development team that you choose.

There are many freelancers who would charge you peanuts to build your healthcare mobile app, but their work will not always be reliable, well-thought-out or good quality. There are also many development companies which will offer you healthcare mobile application but in the development service market, SISGAIN which is the most trustworthy name that delivers you the best-in-class healthcare app with user-friendly features with high-quality graphics.

SISGAIN: Popular name in healthcare mobile app development sector.

SISGAIN is the best provider of healthcare mobile application to the organizations and companies which wants to drive their clinical value chain into the highest peak. We help Healthcare organizations to realize the potential for administrative and medical cost savings, increased patient satisfaction and more streamlined business process through a well-thought-out e-health initiative. Our solution reduces Healthcare costs and makes patient and healthcare provider easy to reach their destinations. We are experienced with custom healthcare mobile application development, HIPAA compliance application and health records management provide a robust foundation for providing security, privacy and records analysis through data mining, reporting and business intelligence solutions. With our solution, clients provide streamlined services to their consumers or patients. When specialists can be consulted via telemedicine, a prompt diagnosis lessens patients’ burdens and enhances the reputation of the healthcare provider managing their healthcare plan, which increases the standard of patient-centered care. We have experience of using the industry best practices to help you design and develop software that is user-friendly, scalable, secure, maintainable and yet highly cost-effective.

As above mentioned the cost of developing can be specified directly, it will consider them according to your need in the application. The scope of work required to build a production-ready healthcare mobile application may be somewhat unpredictable, but there are several types of modules whose complexity a project owner can consider and assess separately.

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Here are the modules of costing for healthcare mobile application: –


The amount of time and money needed for this module is tightly tied in with the daily activities of the facility. If you would like to automate a clinic, provide your software development company with all papers and forms you are interested in is so that they read your workflow. It will take 3000$ to 5000$ cost to be installed in your app.

  • Medical Workflow Automation

This type of functionality is usually integrated along with EMR module. Medical procedures development usually takes 3-4 weeks, means it cost 2500$ to 3500$.

  • Medicare and Medicaid standards

This feature is the most consuming part of the project. It will take 3-4 months. Such medical applications which are enabled with this feature then it will cost you 9500$ to 14000$.

  • Back-end development

A mobile application with back-end takes 2-3 months to be launched. Apart from that, to get a high-quality healthcare mobile application, it will take 4-6 months and it will cost you 10000$ to 15000$.


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