Top Features of iOS 12 You Must Know About it



In the past week, at the worldwide developers’ conference Apple unveiled a ton of new software. A big focus of the key note was showing off the new features in iOS 12 and there are some biggies from the improved Siri to group FaceTime calls to customizable Memoji to the screen time digital health tools. The look of iOS 12 will be very much familiar with the company focusing on improving the experience and the underlying software rather than simplify splashing on a new coat of paint. iOS 12 will be powering your iPhone or iPad for the next year. While the Public Beta is slashed to hit sometime this month, we’ve had the chance to spend time with the iOS 12 Developer’s Beta. The latest version of iOS includes speed boosts and a handful of tools to help combat iPhone addiction.


Here is everything you need to know about iOS 12

  • Multiple Faces in Face ID

download (21)

In this latest version of iOS, you can now register two individual faces for Face ID. This means two completely separate people can now unlock the same iPhone. Many suspect this feature was added because Face ID is coming to iPad which many families share with each other.

  • Siri Updates

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A new shortcut function allows Siri to take you directly to a certain part of an app whenever you say a key phrase. So rather than asking Siri to open up the Tile app, for example, you can just say, “Siri, I lost my keys” and the digital assistant will automatically ring your Tile. Users can also create their own shortcuts or sets of shortcuts and specific key of phrase. So you might say, “Siri, I am heading home” and the digital assistant will open your radio app, turn on your home thermostat and check the traffic on your route home.

  • Speed

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Apple promised the iPhone users will see sizeable speed improvements across the board, including for smartphones as old 2013’s iPhone 5S. Apps will launch up to twice as fast as before, the camera should load 70% faster and so should the home screen after the phone is unlocked, while even the keyboard should pop up in half the time. Apple said it has improved the performance all over iOS, so everything should be at least a little quicker day to day, even an older devices.

  • Augmented Reality

maxresdefault (1)

Apple announced the second version of its augmented reality develop kit- ARKit 2. This includes improved face track, better 3D object detection and adds the ability for multiple people to experience the same virtual environment simultaneously. The measure app will also slow the people to measure objects in augmented reality, by dragging their viewfinder across an object in the real world.

  • Photos


The photos app on iOS 12 gets an improved search mechanism, so you are bound to get to get a photo you are looking for, faster. Firstly, the new ‘search suggestions’ would highlight important things before you begin your search. It uses photo recognition to filter out photos it thinks are important to you according to people, place or activity in them. There is a new ‘For You’ tab that shows customized actions and photos sorted according to those actions.

  • Group FaceTime

images (27)

After Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp announced their group video calling feature, Apple has also introduced Group FaceTime with iOS 12. But the number of people that can talk together is huge. Group FaceTime will allow you to connect up to 32 people simultaneously and all the people you are chatting with are arranged on your screen in a dynamic fashion. The silent one will be in small size and the person who raises their voice will be in large size.

  • Animoji and Memoji


In the past year, Apple decided to add a few more emoji upgrades for the latest version of its iOS. New animoji include the ghost, koala, tiger and t-rex and you will be glad to hear they all include tongue-detection so you can wag your tongue to have your ghostly digital replica do the same. With Memoji, Apple has also give users the ability to create tiny digital avatar of themselves.

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