Latest Trends in Application Developments


Everyone knows we are developing in an every passing second. In this development phase, IT sector is evolving them in a higher range. Mostly the application development stream is rapidly growing in every part of our life. With the development of the mobile application, every business is shaping their fundamental part of the system. After the development happens, companies or organizations are continuously adopting mobile application for their betterment. Mobile applications adopted by the companies or organizations provide a huge change in their audience range and growth. Application developments make a lot changes in daily life and it is been confirmed that it will totally change the view of the year 2018 as it offers perfect techniques to explain your ideas and approaches to your audience.

To help you in understanding the market needs and make you able to reach out to the huge range of customers, SISGAIN is here to provide you the latest trends in Application Development sector.

Before going through the trends, first, we have to know about SISGAIN.


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 SISGAIN is the best application development company delivering its full effort since from the establishment in 2007 to provide best and user-friendly application to the clients. We have a team of experienced and highly-qualified application developers who know market needs and also your business requirements. We will provide you the application which will support you to stay in this competitive market along with your competitors. Developers at SISGAIN will meet you up individually to analyze your ideas about the application. Our motive is to work across all over the globe and deliver our cutting-edge solutions.  We are specialized in developing custom, high graphics and flexible mobile application for our clients which will lead them to reach their target audience. You can hire our developers by visiting this LINK.

Trends in application development

  • AR (Augmented Reality)

augmented-reality-developme-1 (1)

In the past year, it is been the clash of two big platform Apple and GOOGLE. Apple launches its ARKit and after than GOOGLE launches its ARCore, both AR platform is hitting the market with the huge boom. As they launch Augmented Reality in different platform, we are now going to see the high-quality AR apps which will offer us the best experience.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)


After the development of Artificial Intelligence apps, every organization is experiencing huge changes in their growth. Artificial Intelligence apps are smart and also provide great benefits and flexibility to their users. This integration in mobile applications is evolving at a high rate. According to the survey AI market is increasing in rate by which it can be more than $47 billion by 2020.

  • IoT


In every part of our daily life means from healthcare to education and smart homes to smart offices, IoT applications are expanding their area of mainstreaming. IoT is the technology which is used to control non-IT technologies via mobile applications. Yet every IoT solutions need perfect applications which enable users to use and get benefits of IoT technologies.

  • Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is providing a huge revolution in storing the data. Cloud computing provides your easier way to store data and do heavy tasks in mobile. To make your application work seamlessly on every platform then adapting cloud computing is must for the application development. In the present time, most of the applications which have bigger database are using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as their Cloud Computing Services.

  • Mobile Security


Mobile Security is a huge and also a hot topic in today’s IT market. Making your mobile security is a first thing every user get clicked in their mind. Due to that developers build a lot of securing app which will help users to secure their mobile. They also update every app according to the users need.



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